Ways to Enjoy the Cat Lounge

Ways to Enjoy the Cat Lounge

New to the concept and not sure how to enjoy your time in the cat lounge? Here are a few ideas!

When cats are playful

You're a lucky one, I see.

Grab a toy
We have wand toys, balls, lasers, and more! Just grab one you find and see if you can catch their attention!
Tip: Ask our Cat Whisperers for tips on how to play with the kitties. Each one has a favourite toy and technique!

Be a cat tree/bed
Some enjoy shoulder rides and cuddles. If Luna is on the top of the cactus cat tree and looks at you, she wants to ride on your shoulder. Come closer!
Another way to attract some cat cuddles is to simply lay on the floor (or the bench if there's enough room) and let the cats come to you!

Buy them some treats
We have a new treat dispenser you can purchase a few treats from if you want to be the centre of attention for a minute.

Enjoy the show!
Sometimes it's fun just to watch the cats play with each other or the other guests!

When cats are sleepy

Yeah, it happens. You cannot force a cat to play with you, but you can still enjoy their company.

Gentle pets
Most of the cats are comfortable with gentle pets while they're sleeping. Just make sure to ask our Cat Whisperers if you're unsure who to pet!

Cat-themed card games
We have some fun, easy-to-learn card games for your group to play, like Exploding Kittens.

Read a book
Catch up on some reading! Yes, that book on your to-be-read list. You can even read aloud to the cats if you'd like.

This is my personal favourite way to enjoy the cats' company. I'll just let them be and work on some projects and assignments.
Tip: Hit "save" a lot in case a cat steps on your keyboard...

K&C assignment: A sleeping cat
Feel free to share your art piece with us!

Don't feel guilty for snacking on some chips or chocolate! Humans get hungry. Just, uh, don't let Damon bully you for your food...

What are you waiting for? Book meow to hangout with these cuties!

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