It's a Hot Cat Summer

It's a Hot Cat Summer
As summer temperatures soar, it's impurrtant to keep all the cool cats comfortable. While your kitty may love stretching out in warm sunbeams or hogging the heating pad, cats can easily overheat during a heat wave. Here are 5 tips to ensure your cat enjoys a "Hot Cat Summer" without breaking a sweat:

Make a Splash

Invest in a pet water fountain that not only keeps the H2O cool, but also entices your kitty with its flowing streams. Trust us, it's like a water park adventure for your cat!


Turn Water into Wine

Okay, so it's not real, alcoholic wine, but cat wine (aka liquid catnip) is a fun way to trick your kitty into slurping up that essential hydration. Is your cat a lightweight? Cheers to a hydrated and happy cat!


Brush Away the Heat

It's grooming time! Brushing your cat not only keeps their coat looking fab, but also helps shed excess fur that traps heat. Think of it as a spa day for your furry companion—minus the cucumber eye patches, of course... or with the cucumber eye patches, if you dare try.


Cool Treats for Cool Cats

When the sun's beating down, what's cooler than a catsicle? There are many ways to make these fun treats! Our faves: freeze your cat's favourite squeeze treats, or some tuna or salmon mixed with water.


Sunscreen Balm is the Bomb

If your cat enjoys outdoor adventures or lounging in a catio, protect their delicate skin with cat sunscreen. Yes, it exists! Hairless cats and cats with light fur or exposed areas like ears and noses are especially vulnerable to sunburn.

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