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Meet the Kitties & Cream Team

Luna, Meownager

Luna began at Kitties & Cream in the summer of 2020, helping with renovations, interior decorating, and product selection. Now, she has worked her way up to Meownager! Luna loves greeting guests enthusiastically (with shoulder cuddles), and helping them shop. She does quality assurance on all cat supplies. Luna also makes sure all new cats are welcomed appropriately (with some hissing and growling). You can often find Luna sleeping in the "superman" pose, with her arms out in front of her.


Kelly Whiteside, Owner

Hello! My name is Kelly and I'm the owner of Kitties & Cream! I began working on making this dream a reality after visiting cat cafes in Japan and Taiwan and experiencing pure joy there. I immediately knew I had to bring that same feeling to the cat lovers of Vancouver Island, and take it one step further by also helping cats find their forever families. This dream has steered my life in a direction I never would have imagined, full of passion, learning, and a little bit of frustration. I have six cats of my own (some from Kitties & Cream), and regularly foster cats for various rescues! Other than cats, I love classical music, nature, traveling, and photography.


Oliver, Associate

Hi! My name is Oliver and pronouns are he/they. I’ve been working at Kitties & Cream since opening. I hope you come and say hello. I grew up in Japan with cats, and I’d missed having them around, so working here has been lovely. My favourite things to do these days are reading books, video chatting with my friends, and writing down my favourite English words like ‘pebble.’ Funny story, my family always name our pets after food. My cats are Buri (yellowtail fish) and Bonchi (rice crackers). Do you have any cats with funny names, too? I’d love to hear about them! I’m so excited to meet you!


Ace, Associate

Hi everyone! My name is Ace and my pronouns are they/them. I started working here at Kitties & Cream in February 2021, and have been loving it! As soon as I heard about a cat cafe opening in Nanaimo I knew I had to work here and I am so grateful to have the opportunity. I have had cats all throughout my life and they are definitely one of my favourite animals. I currently live in a building with no pets allowed so working with the kitties has helped fill the pet void in my life.

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