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Adoptable from Kitties & Cream:


Domestic shorthair
~2.5 years old

Chimera loves to be picked up and cuddled, and he enjoys being pet. At night, he’ll zoom around with his buddy, Shady. If he isn’t snuggling with his people or zooming around with his feline friends, chances are he’s getting into trouble around the house! Every object is a toy in his opinion, and Chimera doesn’t understand why you have toys on shelves and tables when clearly they belong on the floor... Also, any food left unattended is fair game! Having constructive outlets for Chimera’s energy will be important in his future home, and a slow feeder is also recommended since he often eats so fast he’ll throw up.

Good with cats: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with children: Yes

Chimera is in our meet-and-greet room this weekend! Visits are drop-in by donation.



Domestic shorthair
~1.5 years old

Shady is very energetic and playful, and he will let you know when he’s all out of energy. He loves rough-and-tumble play, and his favourite game is chase with anyone who will join him! He loves being pet and does a perfect “Halloween cat” impression with every stroke (minus the poofy tail). He will tolerate being picked up, but isn’t a fan, and he doesn’t like being on his back. He is comfortable around dogs, but hasn’t shown interest in playing with them in his foster home.

Good with cats: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with children: Yes

Shady is in our meet-and-greet room this weekend! Visits are drop-in by donation.


Adoptable from foster home:


Domestic shorthair
Orange tabby-on-white
~5 years old

Bubba is gentle and affectionate once he knows you. He is fond of "his" people and loves snuggling, especially at night. A quiet, low-energy home would be ideal, with cozy spots to retreat to when desired. Bubba enjoys the company of cats (especially his buddy, Big Kahuna) and gentle dogs, but would also be content by himself.

Good with cats: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with children: Unknown

Please contact us to schedule a meeting with Bubba.



Domestic shorthair
Orange tabby on white
~2 years old

Shirley is seeking her own castle to be queen of. She's a sweet and affectionate girl, but is firm about her boundaries. When she is at ease, she loves to be pet and brushed—she'll rub all over you to ask for attention and flop on her back to show you how comfortable she is. When she's on her own, she likes watching the world through the window. In her forever home, Shirley would likely enjoy spending time outdoors safely with a catio.

Good with cats: Tolerates, but would prefer to be an only cat
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with kids: Older, gentle children

Please contact us to schedule a meeting with Shirley.



Domestic shorthair
Orange tabby-on-white
~1 year old

Makita is playful, athletic, and affectionate, just like his siblings Stanley and Ryobi. He will chase the red dot (laser pointer) until he’s panting and you need to stop. He won’t ask you to stop, no matter how tired he is. This handsome boy has angel wing markings on his back and a gentle personality to match. Makita would love to find a furever home with one or both of his siblings or another young cat.

Good with cats: Yes
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with kids: Older, gentle kids

Please contact us to schedule a meeting with Makita.


The Adoption Process

Step 1: Meet the cats
Each cat's personality is unique and may differ from the bios provided. We offer a comfortable, home-like environment for folks to spend quality time with their potential new furriend(s). For the cats' best interest, it is mandatory to meet them prior to submitting an adoption application.

Step 2: Ask for an adoption application form
Once you have met the cats and fallen in love, ask an associate or volunteer for an application form. We work with multiple rescues, and each have their own forms. It's important to let us know which cat(s) you'd like to apply for so we can provide you with the correct paperwork. Adoption application forms may be filled out on-the-spot, or taken home and submitted later.

Step 3: Check your inbox
Adoption applications are passed along to the appropriate rescue for processing. If they plan to move forward with your application, they will reach out to you directly via email or text. Please ensure the email address and phone number on your application form are legible, and check your junk folder regularly. Adoption approval is based on the best match for the cat(s), and not first-come-first-served.

Step 4: Be prepared
Prepare photos and/or videos of your home (in place of a home visit), as well as a letter from your landlord or strata (if applicable) detailing your pet policy. 

Step 5: Sign the contract
If your application has been approved, the rescue will send you an adoption contract to sign and return to them.

Step 6: Submit payment
Adoption fees are to be submitted directly to the appropriate rescue via e-transfer. Adoption fees paid in store will be subject to a processing fee.

Step 7: Schedule a pickup
Once all paperwork is complete and the adoption fee has been paid, the rescue will send an official adoption confirmation email. Then (and only then) we can schedule a date and time for you to pick up your new furriend(s)! Please keep in mind that pickups are limited to certain hours, and we will only schedule a certain number of pickups per day/time slot. Unscheduled cat pickups will not be accommodated. Adopted cats cannot be held for more than 7 days.


Adoption Fees

The adoption fees are as follows:

  • $300 for 1 cat over 6 months old or $500 for 2 cats over 6 months old
  • $400 for 1 kitten under 6 months old or $600 for 2 kittens under 6 months old

Each cat is/has:

  • Spayed/neutered
  • Microchipped or tattooed
  • SNAP tested for FIV and FeLV
  • Up to date on all vaccines
  • Dewormed
  • Defleaed
  • Been treated for any known illnesses, infections, or injuries
  • Received a recent, comprehensive vet exam
  • A free 6-week trial of pet insurance (excluding Catspan)

The entire adoption fee goes directly to the rescue to continue supporting this valuable initiative. We are partnered with various rescues in BC and Saskatchewan, and it is our goal to find responsible, loving homes for each and every adoptable cat.

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