2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Kitties & Cream is the purrrfect place to shop for the cat person in your life!


For the young cat lovers

Our mini silicone cat lamps are purrrfect as night lights or simply as decor! They even change colours!

These chonky kitties don't require any feeding, brushing, or poop scoopin'—all they require is someone to cuddle them!

We have a lot of super adorable gifts for young cat lovers, but to save you some searching, we've put together a collection of some of our most popular items for kids! Check it out here.


Halloween in December

Halloween may only be one day, but the Halloween aesthetic is not limited to October 31st! We have quite the Halloween collection all year.



We're proud to be a queer-owned business with many queer employees! We have pronoun pins, flags, and ally stickers too in our Pride collection.


Put a bit of sass under the tree

Allergies suck. This sticker doesn't.

Our sassy cat collection features cute and funny accessories from Flair Fighter, Robot Dance Battle, and Chester and Pearl.


Happy Sagittarius Season!

Sagittarius season is from November 22 to December 21. 

We have all the signs in our Catstrology collection though!


Cats & tarot

This tarot card deck isn't the only thing in our tarot collection. Go check it out!


May the fur be with you...

Who's your favourite Cat Wars character?


Anime cats!

Okay, so Totoro isn't technically a cat... Close enough, though, right?

Our anime collection does have actual anime cats, I promise.


More interested in books?

We have lots of options for carrying books, decorating books, or just showing the world your love for books in our book lover collection.


How about art?

You don't have to be an artist to enjoy our art lover collection


Still not sure what to get?

There's no going wrong with the gifts in our Purrfect Christmas Gifts collection! Because what true cat lover wouldn't want litter scoop earrings, right?


Don't forget stocking stuffers!

You'll love the look on their face when they pull these stockings out of their stocking!

We have plenty of stocking stuffer ideas in our stocking stuffer collection.


Last, but not least...

Spoil your cat this pawliday season with the best seat in the house.

Tickle their whiskers with some cat wine.

We specialize in cats, and put together a list of things we KNOW your cat(s) will love, all tested by our own cat lounge kitties of course!

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