A Holiday Shopping Guide for Cat Lovers and Owners

A Holiday Shopping Guide for Cat Lovers and Owners

Can you believe Christmas is only a few days away? It sure snuck up on us this year! If you, like me, had not realized how close Christmas was, have not yet completed your shopping, and are now frantically trying to figure out what to buy everyone, allow us to help you—for the cat lovers/owners in your life at least.

Here are a few of our totally awesome and also unique cat-themed items that you should definitely consider for your holiday gifting this year:

Cat Mom/Dad items

You can't go wrong with this one! We have Cat Mom and Cat Dad items in so many different forms: stickersenamel pinspatcheskeychains, and holiday ornaments. There's also a Cat Person enamel pin for those who don't identify with the Cat Mom or Cat Dad label.


Mini silicone cat lamp

Whether you're shopping for a kiddo or an adult, these lamps are the purrrfect gift! They're soft and squishy, and when you tap them they'll change modes. The default mode is solid warm white; tap it for colour changing mode; tap it again to stay on any of the colours.


Litter scoop earrings

These are for the true cat loversthe dedicated cat owners. Know a vet tech? Let them rock these bad boys at work!


Cat ear headband

There's nothing better than getting nice, cozy, warm clothing for Christmas! Bonus when it's ultra cute. These headbands are stretchy enough to fit most heads.


Catnip tea

Is it for cats... or humans? Answer: both!


Famous painting stickers

Do we have any art lovers in the crowd? Five stickers, five different famous paintings. We also have keychains and posters.


Cat mugs... with lids!

Okay, a mug isn't the most unique gift out there. But this isn't just any mugit comes with a lid! The lid serves a few purposes: it keeps the drink hot, it keeps the cat hair out, AND it holds your cell phone so you can watch videos while drinking your coffee.


A slightly inappropriate window plushie...

Is it inappropriate, though? Regardless, it sure makes a statement!


Scoopy the Cat

Funny, cute, and also very useful. If my roommates are reading this, they've probably figured out what to get me for Christmas. I am definitely guilty of just leaning the litter scoop against whatever is close by, and I'm sure they hate it.


Chonky kitties

Another great item for both kiddos and adults, these handmade crochet cats are adorable, soft, and squishy.


We hope this blog post helps you find the purrrfect gift! And don't forget to buy a Christmas card too.

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