Dear Santa... Love, Your Cat

Dear Santa... Love, Your Cat

Have you been wondering what to get your cat for Christmas this year?

We asked our resident cats what some of their favourite things are that they believe EVERY cat should have. Here's what they came up with:

1. A window bed

There's nothing better than bathing in the sun and watching all the people and wildlife outside.

There are a variety of window bed styles available, including ones that fold up, ones shaped more like hammocks, ones that are enclosed, and ones that sit on the sill instead of the window. And they all hold a minimum of 50lbs, so even the fattest of cats can use them!


2. Extra durable catnip toys

Sure, a catnip toy is like guaranteed fun for most cats, but it's often short-lived as the toy gets destroyed quickly or cats lose interest in it. The best, most durable catnip toys we've come across are Kristen Kerr's! The catnip kicker in particular is a favourite amongst our resident cats—they've actually had the same one for over a year now and still go nuts every time it's brought out.

3. Dehydrated salmon treats

We have cats like Mouse and Willow that are basically vacuums—they'll eat anything. We also have some pickier kitties like Luna and Sophie that opt out of most food and treats. However, there is one treat they all agree on: Peanut Butter Kisses' dehydrated salmon. For those who have dogs as well as cats, these treats can be fed to both!

4. A heated bed

It's no secret that cats love the heat. In the winter you may find that your cat is a little more cuddly, or they curl up next to the heater when you're not around. Our heated beds are safer for pets than a traditional heating pad, and also save electricity for you. 

5. Cat wine

Why drink alone when you can drink with your cat?!

Cat wine is a liquid catnip and valerian root mixture, so even if your cat doesn't react to catnip, there's a good chance they'll react to valerian root! Different flavours have different potencies, so you can start your cat out with a 6/10, a 10/10, or something in between!

6. The fox tail wand with rechargeable laser

On one end of this toy is an irresistable faux fox tail that simply screws off for easy replacement (you can also get a faux swallow tail). On the other end is a bright laser you can recharge for endless fun. Stop replacing your feather toys and laser toys frequently, and instead invest in one that lasts.

7. A donut shop scratcher

Are you sick of your cat living under your roof for free? Time for your cat to follow their baking dreams and put their kneading skills to the test! For only $49.99, this turn-key business could be all theirs!
*Please note we do not guarantee the success of your cat's donut shop business.

8. Meowijuana

Oh yeah, this is the reaaaaal good 'nip. But it's not just catnip! There are a variety of blends available, and each one will provide your cat with a different experience. Our recommendation is Kalico Kush, but you should definitely check them all out!

9. A self-groomer

You may have noticed your cat rubbing its face on corners, leaving dark marks on your walls. These self-groomers will keep your walls clean while giving your cat an even better spot to rub up against. The bristles remove loose fur while massaging your cat.

10. Cat ice cream

Most cats are lactose intolerant, so feeding them dairy products like ice cream can cause them discomfort and pain after ingesting. This ice cream, however, is made using lactose-free goat milk, so your cat can enjoy a delicious frozen treat!

A fun little tip for wrapping your cat's Christmas gift: Put some catnip underneath the wrapping paper so they'll unwrap the gift themselves!

Check out our full selection of cat supplies in store or online to find the purrrfect gift for your kitty this season!

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