June events

June events

Hello! Quinn (they/he) here!

It's beginning to finally feel like spring! Now that the pandemic is subsiding, we have some exciting events happening here at Kitties & Cream, as well as some pop-up shops elsewhere! Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at our in-store events and a calendar of upcoming events.


In-Store Events

Yoga with Cats

To be quite honest, I've never done yoga before, so I was a bit nervous to even watch. The session is taught by the lovely Laura Jesson Love!

Once a quick intro and some check-ins are done, let's start with some meditation. My colleague, Ace (they/them), is doing a great job!

The cats are always a bit curious about what's going on. Here's Poppy helping us meditate.

After meditation, it's yoga time!

Blue and Charlie wanted some attention and pets!

From my observation, as someone with zero experience and zero exercise routine, the session was very beginner-friendly and super relaxing. 
Laura made sure everyone is comfortable and having fun.

Yoga with cats is happening every Thursday until the end of June. Sign up meow!


Meownopoly and More!

We have sooooo many board games to choose from!

Hmm, what should we play today?

Poppy is here to help you pick the game of the night!

Great choice!

Petey is helping set the game up...

K&C special rule: pet some cats for extra points!

There were so many board games I've never played or even heard of, and it's the purrfect occasion to try some out!

Our next board game night is on June 24! Sign up meow!


Pop-Up Shops

Nanaimo Pride Festival

We are so excited to be vending at Nanaimo's Pride Festival this year! The event is on Sunday, June 12 from 1-6pm at Maffeo Sutton Park. As a proudly queer-owned business that employs queer folks, this event holds a special place in our hearts! We sell pride-themed items all year-round, but we're expanding our pride collection for the Nanaimo Pride Festival. Take a sneak peek here at some of the items we'll have available at this event.


Summer by the Sea Street Market

Parksville, we're coming to you! This market will run every Tuesday night from 6-9pm between June 14 and August 30.


Commercial Street Night Market

We're excited to have a booth at the Commercial Street Night Market in downtown Nanaimo. This market runs every Thursday evening from June 23-September 1, 4-8pm.

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