A pop-up cat cafe?!

A pop-up cat cafe?!

Not anymore...

As the current coronavirus situation progresses, we have had to adjust our plans.

Originally, we envisioned pop-up cat cafes throughout Vancouver Island leading up to our grand opening in Nanaimo in August 2020, and we had big events planned, including a booth at the popular Meowfest in Vancouver to celebrate our newly opened cat cafe.

However, with current health regulations we've had to cancel our pop-up events, and Meowfest is not looking too likely anymore.

At this point, we're uncertain if we'll be able to open and operate at full capacity in August. So we've made some changes to our business plan. Here's what's going on.

1. We are juuust about ready to launch our new online shop featuring HUNDREDS of meowchandise products to purrrchase, including cat food, mugs, stuffed animals, shower curtains, clothes, and much, much more. We work alongside a number of local suppliers to hand-make some of the product we sell, and we will also be sourcing some items internationally. In the meantime, check out what we currently have available.

2. We are already offering FREE local delivery on all our meowchandise, but once our inventory of cat supplies arrives, we will be expanding our delivery service to include all your cat essentials! We plan on selling a variety of cat food and litter brands, from the well-known international brands to the up-and-coming local brands. If there's a specific brand that you want to see us sell, please contact us and we'll be sure to add it to our inventory list!

3. We are now actively seeking out a rescue/shelter to partner with to provide us with CATS! Though we may not be able to open our cat lounge to the public yet, we want to keep you entertained at home with a livestream of our cat lounge, and we want to take further steps towards our mission by doing adoptions by appointment. This also means that we will be seeking out volunteers soon to help take care of the cats!

4. Social distancing isn't going to stop us from hosting fun events! We've brainstormed some events we can host virtually, including cat drawing, Paint Nite, trivia, bingo, and more. We're always open to new ideas if you have any!

5. Once our kitchen is up and running, we will be launching a limited takeout menu!

While the pandemic has certainly had an affect on how and when we can open, we're still powering ahead at full-speed and we're super excited to share these new adventures with you. We still plan on creating pop-up cat cafes throughout the island, just maybe not until 2021. Fingers crossed that we will still be able to open the cat lounge to the public this summer, even if only for smaller groups.

Keep following us on our website and social media accounts as we continue to brainstorm more ways to bring our business to the community during these unprecedented times!

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Alexandra Roberts

I have questions about visiting your cat cafe.

Tina Panetta

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear you are still being affected by the coronavirus. You mentioned needing volunteers and I would like more information. I am a huge cat lover (well a huge animal lover in general). I usually have a fur baby but I lost my Ying in August and her sister Yang last October. I have fostered rescue dogs a few years ago when I lived in Thunder Bay. Stay safe! Tina Panetta

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