Top ten ways to help your cat beat the heat

Top ten ways to help your cat beat the heat

1. Give your cats lots of water

This one may seem obvious, but it's definitely the most important. Keep several water bowls around the house and keep them filled with cool water. If you notice that your cat isn't using the water bowls, look into purchasing a fountain to encourage your cat to drink.


2. Brush and groom your cat everyday

Excess fur on your cat can trap heat closer to their skin and cause heat stroke to happen faster. Make sure you're brushing them everyday to keep them from matting and to clear away any excess hair.


3. Play with ice cubes

Using ice cubes is an excellent way to encourage cats to play with something that also cools them down! Cats absorb most heat through their paw pads, so playing with ice cubes can help them cool down fast.


4. Make them ice treats, or PAWpsicles! 

Freeze chicken stock or the brine from a tuna can to create delicious PAWpsicles for your kitty! Make sure you're using low sodium chicken stock, as too much salt can dehydrate your pet.


5. Wipe them down with a damp washcloth

Most cats hate getting wet, but when it comes to protecting their health, most pet owners would do anything. Wet a washcloth in cool water, and wring it out to ensure it is only slightly damp. Then simply run the cloth from their ears all the way down to their tail.


6. Get a cooling mat for your cat to sleep on

Several pet stores will sell cooling mats for hot summer days. If you are unable to afford a cooling mat, wrap an ice pack or a bag of frozen veggies in your cat's favourite blanket, and leave it in their bed to make sleeping more comfortable.


7. Make sure your cat has lots of shade

If you have an indoor cat, make sure there's lots of shady spaces in your house for them to relax in. If you have an outdoor cat, try to invest in an outdoor umbrella or a shade sail. If these aren't currently possible for you, consider bringing an outdoor cat inside, at least until it cools down.


8. Circulate the air in your home

Using a fan or an AC unit, get the air in your house moving! Stagnant air can get much hotter. This will benefit you as well as your cats!


9. Close the curtains and the blinds

If your house gets lots of sunlight, maybe consider closing curtains and blinds to keep your home cooler. 


10. Use cat safe sunscreen

Cats, especially hairless and light coloured cats, can get sunburned, just like humans! Using a little sunblock on their noses and ears can help! Ensure you're buying pet safe, vet approved sunscreen, which are available at most vet stores.

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