Hello Kitty sticker

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Hello Kitty sticker
Designed and handmade locally by Zero Bae
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Designed and handmade locally by Zero Bae

Expected life: 5 years
Material: Weather/UV-proof vinyl
Size: 6"


1. Peel the clear layer from the backing. This is the transfer tape and it will hold the individual pieces of the sticker design in place while you position it onto your desired surface.

2. Once the sticker is positioned, press the transfer tape onto the surface. Use a credit card to apply pressure to the entire design to make sure everything is fully adhered. This is ESPECIALLY important for all the small details in the designs.

3. Slowly and gently peel off the transfer tape without pulling upward (this may cause the vinyl to lift). If the vinyl lifts, press the transfer tape back down and use your credit card to apply pressure to the design again before trying to peel the tape off.

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