Flippin' Fish toy

Flippin' Fish toy
Flippin’ Fish is a dancing fish toy that will entertain cats for hours!
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Flippin’ Fish is a dancing fish toy that will entertain cats for hours. On/off switch starts the fun and the fish starts flippin' and flappin'! Cats will love to hug and kick the Flippin’ Fish as it flaps around on the floor. Includes USB charging cable and catnip! 

Brand: Ethical Products Inc.
Dimensions: 11.5" 
Model number: 077234521380

Customer Reviews

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Excellent for kicking!

My kitten Silas loves to bite and kick this fish, and I haven't even put any catnip in it!

He was a little afraid of the movement at first, but he's gotten used to it! The flopping can be a bit annoying to listen to against a hard floor, so I usually set it on a rug or the bed for him to play with.

Silas is a biter, and I forgot to put the charging cord away after charging up the fish, and he bit it right in half — if your cat likes cords don't make the same mistake I did! The fish still has a good charge, and Silas enjoys playing with it even without it turned on.

Great toy for pouncing kitties!

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