Resident cats

There are 3 resident cats in the cat lounge.

These cats live in the cat lounge all the time, so you're guaranteed to have some kitties to play and cuddle with! They are not available for adoption.




 is can be quite the cuddle bug and may even jump on your shoulders... if she's not napping. She is more than happy to relax anywhere, but her favourite spot is at the very top of the jungle gym. Although Sophie is generally willing to play with any toy, her favourite is the ribbon wand. She likes to drag her "prey" around the cat lounge as well.
Friends with: Luna
Birthday: August 22, 2020

Luna is a fan favourite with her beautiful green eyes and unique colouring! She is quite playful when the others aren't stealing the limelight. Luna loves the cactus, and when she climbs to the top it means she wants to hop onto your shoulders! Simply stand next to the cactus to give Luna a shoulder ride.
Friends with: Sophie
Birthday: October 2018


Cas is a big floof who loves to talk! He loves a good nap, but don't let his age fool you—Cas is just as playful as a kitten sometimes! His favourite toy is the automatic laser pointer.
Friends with: 
Birthday: July 18, 2013


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