Meet the cats!

There are currently 6 cats in the cat lounge.


Resident Cats

These cats live in the cat lounge all the time, so you're guaranteed to have some kitties to play and cuddle with! They are not available for adoption.

Willow is an energetic, confident kitten who happens to have some extra toes! She also is quite vocal. Her favourite spot is the window bed, and she is happy to play with anything that moves! Willow also enjoys the cat wheel.
Friends with: Sophie, Mouse, Luna, Damon
Birthday: November 1, 2020



 is quite the cuddle bug and may even jump on your shoulders! She is more than happy to relax anywhere, but her favourite spot is on the cat tree closest to the obspurrvation window. Although Sophie is willing to play with any toy, her favourite is the ribbon wand. She likes to drag her "prey" around the cat lounge as well. Sophie is trained on the cat wheel.
Friends with: Mouse, Luna, Willow
Birthday: August 22, 2020

Luna is a fan favourite with her beautiful green eyes and unique colouring! She is quite playful when the others aren't stealing the limelight, with her toy of choice being our bamboo teaser wand. Her favourite place to relax is the raised wicker bed, which is conveniently placed right beside one of our tables, so you can pet her without getting out of your seat.
Friends with: Sophie, Willow
Birthday: October 2018


Damon is an active boy with never-ending energy. He is all about heat, heights, and bird watching. He gets a bit jealous when other cats are being given more attention than he is and doesn't like when there are people in the retail space not petting him. He can also be quite the lap cat and will even try to curl up inside your coat! The ribbon wand is Damon's favourite toy.
Friends with: Willow
Birthday: Unknown (approx. 3 years old)


Cas is a big floof who loves to talk! He loves a good nap, but don't let his age fool you—Cas is just as playful as a kitten sometimes! His favourite toy is the automatic laser pointer, but he will happily play with other toys as well.
Friends with: Mouse
Birthday: July 18, 2013


Mouse is a BIG boy. Kind of ironic with a name like that, hey? His name came from the fact that he can't meow properly—he just squeaks! Mouse's favourite place to chill is above the heater. Though he doesn't care much for most toys, he is trained to fetch hair elastics, and he also enjoys playing with ribbons. If you pet Mouse in the right way, he is also known to drool.
Friends with: Sophie, Cas, Willow
Birthday: February 9, 2013


Adoptable Cats

There are currently no adoptable cats in the cat lounge. Sorry! Sign up for our mewsletter so you can be the first to hear about adoptable kitties!

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