Here you'll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

What is a cat café? 
A café is a coffee shop that serves beverages while you sit and visit with a friend, work on your laptop, or just watch the world go by. A cat café is essentially the same, except there are cats present. Kitties & Cream has a retail store and a cat lounge where you can book a visit and hang out with the cats.

Do you require proof of vaccination?
No. Since we are not a cafe, we currently do not require proof of vaccination.

What food and drinks do you sell? 
You can check out our current menu here. Our menu continues to grow, however we are limited in what we can sell due to COVID and having cats in our space.

Where do your cats come from?
We currently have 6 resident cats. Cas and Mouse were brought to live in the cat lounge by the owner of Kitties & Cream, Kelly Whiteside. She found that these 2 would thrive in this type of environment where there is a constant flow of attention. Luna and Damon came to live with us when they were surrendered by their owners due to a very sudden move. Sophie and Willow were brought to us by CatNap Society, a local cat rescue.

We are partnered with Catspan Ferals Registered Charity, SOS Prairie Rescue, and Running Wild Rescue and hope to bring in many adoptable cats and kittens through them. We are also actively looking to establish partnerships with other cat rescues to be able to give more kitties a furrrever home.

When will you have adoptable cats?
We have adoptable cats currently! Feel free to make an appointment to the lounge to meet our adoptable cats.

How many cats will live in the cat lounge? 
Currently we have 19 cats in the lounge. 

When is the best time to visit?
The cats are most playful in the mornings on weekdays! Their naptime is usually in the afternoons.

Do you host birthday parties?
Once the pandemic is over, we plan to host birthday parties as well as plenty of other events!

Where did the idea for a cat café come from?
Kelly got the idea and began working on bringing a cat café to Vancouver Island a few years ago after visiting cat cafés in Japan and Taiwan and absolutely loving the experience! 

Where did you get the wall jungle gym?
We got it from Catastrophic Creations! You can find them on Facebook or through their website: catastrophicreations.com

What about the cat wheel?
From One Fast Cat: onefastcat.com

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